Our History

Growers Supply Co. took root in the spring of 1949.

Dissatisfied with the service offered by the only supplier in the area at the time, Laurent
Regimbal decided to purchase his own supplies for his hop farm in Toppenish, Washington. Other local hop growers heard about Regimbal’s idea and asked him to order their supplies as well. With a clear understanding of the hop industry’s unique needs, Regimbal formed a partnership with E.J. Tannasse and together they founded Hop Growers Supply Co.

Originally located on Asotin Avenue in Toppenish, the business grew beyond expectations in the early years and relocated to a building on South B Street in Toppenish — currently the home of the American Hop Museum.

In 1952, Ken Sauve was hired to manage office operations and Ted Regimbal became a one-third partner in the business. In 1956, Tannasse retired and sold his interest in the business to Ken Sauve. The company continued to grow through the 1950s and 1960s. Ted Regimbal retired from the business in 1968 and Laurent Regimbal retired in 1970, leaving Ken Sauve as the sole owner from 1970 to 1984 when he sold Hop Growers Supply Co. to Tom Sauve.

As the company’s product line and services grew, so did the number of customers outside the hop industry. Recognizing this trend, Tom Sauve changed the name to Growers Supply Co. in 1988 and has continued to meet the needs of growers in a variety of industries.

Today, Growers Supply Co. manufactures and sells a wide range of products from its facility on South Division Street in Toppenish.